Pump Series

HS Series®

Gorman-Rupp hydraulic submersible pumps are designed for trash-handling, dewatering applications and for pumping dirty liquids such as mining and paper plant wastes. They are also excellent for pumping sewage from digester and holding tanks as well as sewer bypass. Because they operate without using electricity, they are well suited for applications where electricity is hazardous.

HS Series Submersible Pumps
Size 3" (80 mm), 4" (100 mm), 6" (150 mm)
Max Capacity 1600 GPM (101 lps)
Max Head 175' (53 m)
Max Solids 5" (127 mm)
Max Temperature 170 F (77 C)
Materials of Construction Aluminum, Ductile Iron
Item Size Seal
HSV3A1-HYD 3 Carbon/Ceramic
HSV3B31-HYD 3 Carbon/Ceramic
HSV4A31-HYD 4 Carbon/Ceramic
HSV6A31-HYD 6 Carbon/Ceramic
HSV6B31-HYD 6 Carbon/Ceramic
Efficient Pumping
Pump speed can be varied to meet job requirements, providing maximum efficiency and minimal fuel consumption. This makes these pumps much more efficient than constant-speed, generator-driven electric submersibles.
Ideal for Sewage Bypass
Six-inch pump is designed to fit through 24" manholes. No electric hazards. No suction limitations.
Power Units
Hydraulic power units for 3" pumps are equipped with 13hp Honda gasoline or 10 hp Yanmar diesel engines on wheel kits. Power units for 4" and 6" sizes are equipped with a 63 hp Deutz diesel engine and skid base as standard.

Use Gorman-Rupp's G.R.A.S.P. Pump Selection Program