Pump Series

ReliaSource® Base-Mounted Lift Stations

A variety of options to match your system requirements.

Like all ReliaSource® lift stations, the ReliaSource Base-Mounted Lift Station is fully customizable, and it comes pre-engineered with an extensive selection of pumps, motors, controls, piping and accessories to meet your sewage-handling needs. Our knowledgeable distributors will work with you to specify a standard design for a new installation. Or we can create a custom design for your existing installation. Either way, minimal hook-up time is guaranteed, leaving you with a reliable, long-lasting solids-handling solution.

Base Mounted Pump Lift Station Packaged Pumping Systems
Size 2" (50 mm), 3" (80 mm), 4" (100 mm), 6" (150 mm), 8" (200 mm), 10" (250 mm)
Max Capacity 3400 GPM (215 lps)
Max Head 320' (98 m)
Max Solids 3" (76 mm)
Max Temperature 160 F (71 C)
Motor - Voltage 200 V 3P, 230 V 3P, 460 V 3P
Motor - Cycles 60 Hz
Horsepower 2 HP - 150 HP
Single Source Responsibility
Gorman-Rupp designs, engineers and manufactures the entire pumping system to ensure that the system meets your requirements and performs reliably year after year. If there is a problem with the system you only have to make one call. Gorman-Rupp is responsible for the entire system, from pumps and controls to the lights and fans in our enclosures.
Super T Series Pumps
F_BMPS_2.jpg Gorman-Rupp self-priming centrifugal solids-handling Super T Series pumps are specifically designed for sewage and industrial wastewater handling applications. The heavy-duty construction and easy-to-service design have made Gorman-Rupp T Series pumps the standard of the industry.
The Gorman-Rupp team of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic engineers work closely throughout the development of each pumping system to ensure that the entire hydro-electrical system works in harmony to meet your system requirements - accurately and reliably. All Gorman-Rupp controls are manufactured of the highest quality components and are available U.L. and C.S.A. listed (not standard).

Use Gorman-Rupp's G.R.A.S.P. Pump Selection Program