Pump Series

Super T Series® (Engine Driven)

Whether bypassing a pump station during repair, keeping critical services operational at a plant, or helping a construction crew finish on time, Gorman-Rupp's Super T Series® portable engine-driven pumps keep the liquid flowing. Gorman-Rupp's Super T Series self-priming centrifugal pumps are designed to reprime automatically in a completely open system - without a need for suction or discharge check valves (an optional discharge check and air release valve is only required when pumping against a pressurized system). Additionally, there is no need for add-on vacuum pumps or compressors, which add to owner maintenance and increase the potential for costly repairs.

Super T Series (Engine Driven)  Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps
Size 4" (100 mm), 6" (150 mm), 8" (200 mm), 10" (250 mm)
Max Capacity 3500 GPM (221 lps)
Max Head 140' (43 m)
Max Solids 3" (76 mm)
Max Temperature 160 F (71 C)
Materials of Construction Cast Iron
Horsepower 57 HP - 148 HP
Item Size Seal
T4A60S-4024T 4 x 4 Silicon Carbide
T4A60S-F3L 4 x 4 Silicon Carbide
T6A60S-4045T 6 x 6 Silicon Carbide
T6A60S-F4L 6 x 6 Silicon Carbide
T6A65S-F4L 6 x 6 Silicon Carbide
T8A60S-4045H 8 x 8 Silicon Carbide
T8A60S-F6L 8 x 8 Silicon Carbide
T4A60S-QSF2.8P FT4 4 x 4 Silicon Carbide
T10A60S-6068H 10 x 10 Silicon Carbide
T6A60S-4045T PSO 6 x 6 Silicon Carbide
T6A60S-QSB4.5P 6 x 6 Silicon Carbide
T6A60S-QSF2.8P FT4 6 x 6 Silicon Carbide
T10A60S-QSB4.5P 10 x 10 Silicon Carbide
T6A60S-4045T FT4 6 x 6 Carbon/Silicon Carbide
T4A60S-4LE2T FT4 4 x 4 Silicon Carbide
T6A60S-4045T FT4-ESP 6 x 6 Silicon Carbide
Eternal Shimless Adjustment
F_SuprTSeriesEngineDriven_1.jpg The external shimless cover plate allows for easy adjustment of the clearance between the impeller and the wearplate. This process eliminates the need to realign belts, couplings or other drive components. In turn, the working height of the seal assembly and impeller back clearance are not disturbed. The unique collar and adjusting screw allow for incremental adjustments of he wearplate clearance with the turn of a hand. Once adjustments have been made, the collar locks in place maintaining the clearance setting even if the cover plate is removed. This design doubles the life of the impeller and wearplate, and keeps the pump operating at maximum efficiency.
Solids Handling
F_SuprTSeriesEngineDriven_2.jpg Two-vane, semi-open solids handling impeller handles up to 3" (75 mm) diameter solids, depending on pump model. Pump out vanes on impeller shroud reduce foreign material buildup behind impeller and reduce pressure on seal and bearings.
Exclusive Gorman-Rupp Cartridge Seal
Exclusive double-floating, self-aligning, oil lubricated mechanical cartridge seal with stationary and rotating face of silicon carbide or tungsten titanium carbide is specifically designed for abrasive industrial service. Seal is available on 3", 4" and 6" (75 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm) pump models. Optional seals are also available.
Removable Cover Plate with "Easy-Grip" Handle
The removable cover plate with "easy-grip" handle and pusher bolt capability provides quick and easy access to the pump interior without disconnecting piping. Clogs can be removed and the pump can be returned to service in minutes. Impeller, seal, wearplate and flap valve can also be accessed through coverlet opening for inspection or service.
Removable Rotating Assembly
Inspection of pump shaft or bearings is easily accomplished without disturbing pump casing or piping by removing rotating assembly. Simply remove four bolts from the back of the pump and the assembly slides out.
Dual Protection of Bearings
Atmospheric isolation of seal cavity provides positive protect of bearings. This unique design also provides capabilities for external monitoring.

Use Gorman-Rupp's G.R.A.S.P. Pump Selection Program