During a recent update from Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine, the announcement of a gradual “back-to-work” plan beginning May 15th was made.  Although a number of restrictions remain with this plan, the re-opening of businesses and service facilities is certainly a welcomed change.

As we have reported to you in recent weeks, Gorman-Rupp will continue to be vigilant with protecting the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers and visitors.  As such, we are still operating at full production with a number of safety precautions in place, including:

  • Most non-production employees will continue to work from home. When essential, non-production employees will return to the office in phases while continuing to maintain operations
  • Monitoring the health status of all employees, visitors and contractors prior to entering the facility will continue
  • No visitors, unless essential to our operation, and must be prearranged.  Should a visit be required, a facemask, as well as additional precautions, must be maintained
  • Social distancing of 6 feet
  • In-person meetings will be minimized, replaced primarily with online meetings
  • Sanitation stations have been placed throughout the facility
  • Travel ban in place, except for essential service related trips
  • Masks and gloves (PPE) required under various situations


We recognize that a number of facilities across the country are still operating under stay-at-home directives; however, we see a number of these directives being lifted.  Nevertheless, we have chosen to continue the suspension of the Drop Ship Fee until Friday, May 29th.  Based on the relaxation of COVID-19 prevention directives by a number of states, we anticipate a return to standard terms and conditions for all orders as June arrives.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in us, and we hope that you and your families remain healthy and safe.