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ValuPrime priming assisted pump

Introducing Gorman-Rupp ValuPrime pumps

From the industry leader in high-volume pumping, comes a dynamic, compact, and powerful pump ideally suited for the dewatering needs of the construction, industrial, and agriculture markets. Streamlined construction and a fuel-efficient, Final Tier IV Isuzu engine capable of pumping up to 1,500 gpm make the Gorman-Rupp ValuPrime pump an incredible value.

Take it from
The Pump People

Gorman-Rupp pump experts explain what went into designing the best value in dewatering solutions.

Features that deliver performance and value.

ValuPrime priming assisted pump has features like auto-start, Isuzu Final Tier IV diesel engine numbered.
  1. Compact engine and fuel tank enables pump to fit into tighter spaces.
  2. 34-gallon fuel tank delivers approximantely 20 hours of run time.
  3. Aggressive impeller design powers through three-inch spherical solids.
  4. Auto-start control feature operates pump to pre-programmed water levels.
  5. Oil-lubricated mechanical seal provides dry run capability.
  6. EPA-compliant Isuzu Final Tier IV diesel engine delivers pumping power.

A closer look at
ValuPrime pumps.


24 HP engine
34 gallon tank
21.9 hours run time
800 gpm flow rate
Detailed Specs


48 HP engine
34 gallon tank
20.6 hours run time
1,500 gpm flow rate
Detailed Specs

Tested for reliability

We don't just claim to make a reliable pump. We prove it through rigorous testing on every ValuPrime pump that comes off the assembly line. This is your assurance of a priming assisted pump solution capable of achieving exactly what you need it to do. Learn more in this video.

Manufacturing excellence

Made in the U.S.A., ValuPrime pumps are designed and engineered by highly trained and skilled technicians using only the most advanced manufacturing technologies. Our factory floor is staffed by craftsmen who are proud to build the industry's best value in pumps. Watch the video to learn more.

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