Education Safety

Notice: This information is meant to be used as a quick-reference guide only; use it with your Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Notice: Be sure that only qualified personnel install and operate pumps. Read all of the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, as well as any specific safety instructions provided with your new pump before operation.

These documents alert personnel to known situations which could damage equipment and/or be dangerous to personnel. However, these documents cannot possibly anticipate and provide detailed precautions for every situation that might occur.Therefore, it is the responsibility of the owner, the operator and maintenance personnel to be sure that only safe, established procedures are used, and that any procedures not addressed in these documents are performed only after establishing that neither personnel nor the pump will be harmed as a result of such procedures.

Following these instructions while using safe, established operation and maintenance procedures should provide years of trouble-free pumping.


A pump safety video is available from the Construction Industry
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