Genuine Gorman-Rupp Parts

When a pump goes down, we understand that time is money. That is why we have invested our time and money into ensuring a complete inventory of Gorman-Rupp OEM pumps and parts is always in stock. When you place an order for one of our 60,000 parts, we ship it directly from our inventory within 24 hours, 99% of the time. Whether you need an impeller for your T Series pump or replacement gaskets for your Prime Aire, Gorman-Rupp provides service you can count on.

To find parts information for your pump, you will need some basic information - particularly the serial number on your Gorman-Rupp nameplate.  The nameplate will be attached to the pump, or wet end, of your pumping equipment and will include Gorman-Rupp's information as well as the model number and serial number.  Once you have your serial and model number in hand, you can find information for your pump with the simple search forms below.  Since there may have been more than one version of your pump model manufactured over the years, the serial number will help determine which version you have.  If you have difficulty reading part of the number, the system will ask you to verify the model listed for the number you provided.  If it does not match, you can submit a corrected number.  If your number is not found, you can contact us for further assistance.  Parts information is either included in the operation manual or a separate parts list, if one displays along with the user manuals.  Please check and verify that the manual you select matches your serial number range.

We sell parts through our network of distributors.  Use the link to the right to find your distributor for help with parts and service.


You will want to search by serial number if possible. Serial number searches provide more accurate detailed information.

Use this search method only when a serial number is not available.

Contact your Gorman-Rupp distributor for parts assistance and ordering.

Use Gorman-Rupp's G.R.A.S.P. Pump Selection Program