Education Safety


   1.  Normal heat and fumes from an internal combustion engine can be hazardous.    Always pipe exhaust fumes outside when operating an internal combustion engine in an enclosed area.
   2.  Do not overfill fuel tank.
   3.  Disconnect spark plug before performing any maintenance to engine or pump.
   4.  Never refuel a hot or running engine.
   5.  Be sure that only experienced personnel operate machinery.
   6.  Never tamper with the governor setting on an engine to gain more power. The governor establishes safe operating limits.
   7.  Always store gasoline in an approved container and in a safe location.
   8.  Make sure all fuel lines are secure.
   9.  Follow engine manufacturer’s recommended operation and maintenance instructions.
  10.  Always use correct type of fuel for engine.
  11.  Do not jump-start engine battery.
  12.  Do not shut down high-head pumps quickly:

         A.  Throttle back slowly.
         B.  Open bypass line.
         C.  Be sure system has a check valve.
         D.  Slowly close gate valve on discharge, if one has been installed.