The Gorman-Rupp line of SF Series® submersible solids-handling pumps has expanded with the addition of four new models: SF4E, SF4F, SF6E and SF6F. These new additions to the line provide flows to 1,580 GPM and heads to 114 Feet in horsepower configurations ranging from 15–30 HP. Employing single-vane impeller designs, these models require lower horsepower while offering increased flow and head. 

The new models are as follows:

  • SF4E
  • SF4E-X
  • SF4F
  • SF6E
  • SF6E-X
  • SF6F

The SF Series® line is now available with over 24 models in 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” flanged discharge sizes and horsepower configurations ranging from 3-75 HP. These combinations will provide flows up to 3,400 GPM (215 lps) and heads to 170 Feet (52m).

This line of submersible solids-handling pumps is available in slide rail, construction/trash, and dry pit versions for use in most liquid-removal applications. Nearly all SF Series® pump models are available with CSA C-US approval for standard applications, and FM and CSA C-US approval for hazardous locations.