Popular pump for contractors more economical, cleaner and more silent than ever

For many years, the Gorman-Rupp 82H52 jetting pump has been the popular choice at construction and industrial sites. Gorman-Rupp Europe has now introduced the successor of this pump set on wheels: the new Gorman-Rupp 82-45-702.

No matter if it concerns pushing jetting tubes for well pointing into the soil, high pressure cleaning or other contractors’ pumping applications: the 82 Series pump has always been a popular choice.

EU Stage V emission regulations

New emission regulations have prompted Gorman-Rupp Europe into designing a new version of this popular pump set. The heart of this set, the Gorman-Rupp 82H52 pump, has remained and has a proven reliable track record. The set is now equipped with a water cooled 2-cylinder diesel engine which complies with EU Stage V emission regulations, and is more economical, cleaner and more silent than ever.

Practical improvements

Gorman-Rupp Europe has chosen to re-design this pump set and, in the same time, make it even more practical for its users. A minor weight increase is compensated by the change of center of gravity. The 82-45-702 is even easier to move and more maneuverable than before. The pump set is equipped with an enclosure, to further reduce sound levels and to ensure moving parts are adequately protected.

The 82-45-702 has a connection size of 2”, and offers a maximum capacity of 45 m3/h or 64 mwc head.