Gorman-Rupp is introducing the Ech2oStorm™, a new venturi aeration device designed to add dissolved oxygen to liquids in a variety of industrial and municipal wastewater applications.

The Ech2oStorm™ is available in four different sizes, ranging from 2” to 6” (50 to 150 mm). Depending on the paired pump and piping size, the aerator is capable of operating from 50 to 1300 GPM (3.2 to 82.0 lps), adding up to 857 pounds (389 kgs) of dissolved oxygen per day.

The device is designed to be paired with a variety of Gorman-Rupp heavy-duty and limited solids-handling centrifugal pumps. It is also designed to operate in a variety of pump configurations such as pump-motor base, engine driven and custom engineered pumping systems.

The Ech2oStorm™ is the ideal device for aerating a variety of municipal and industrial applications, including: lagoons, oxidation ditches, EQ Tanks, wet wells and batch reactors.

Click Here to access the product brochure. For more information on this new product, contact Kenny Ousley, Product Manager, Municipal Processes, at, direct phone: (419) 755-1021.