HSK Series (SludgeKat®)

Gorman-Rupp’s self-priming, positive displacement, hydraulic piston pump is designed to tackle your toughest pumping requirements. For applications involving heavy sludges, slurries and other viscous materials, the SludgeKat® offers powerful, reliable pumping where other pumps fail.

The SludgeKat is equipped with 4” suction and discharge ports. This pump is capable of providing flows up to 226 GPM and heads up to 390’. The SludgeKat can handle solids up to 2.4” without damage. The anti-clog ball valve design feature is ideal if rags, rocks, bags and bolts present a problem.

The SludgeKat is available as a complete package mounted to the hydraulic power pack with fuel tank base or as a pump end replacement kit mounted to the pump end frame. Skid-mounted units come standard with wheel kit and the latest in Tier IV engine-driven technology.

Size 4" (100 mm)
Max Capacity 226 GPM (14 lps)
Max Head 390' (119 m)
Materials of Construction Cast Iron
Item Size Seal Suction Discharge
HSK4A-KDI1903TCR FT4 4 x 4 4 4