Tankleenor (Unit 608)

The Efficient Petroleum Tank Cleaning Method

Gorman-Rupp’s TankleenorTM provides quick, efficient and economical cleaning of petroleum storage tanks. The unit is a lightweight, wheelmounted cleaning system designed for one-man operation and is easily moved from job to job.

Even when tanks are thought to be free of moisture and foreign debris, they often contain enough water and other contaminants to degrade the stored product. The Gorman-Rupp TankleenorTM can remove contaminants including gel precipitates, microbial growths, rust and water, without disturbing the product or taking the tank out of service.

Operating liquid drawn from the contaminant tank circulates through the pump and creates a vacuum at the eductor. The vacuum draws moisture and contaminants through the cleanout hose and back to the eductor, where it mixes with the operating liquid and is carried to the contaminant tank.

Motor - Cycles 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Horsepower 1 HP
Item Size Seal Suction Discharge
UNIT 608 2 x 2 Carbon/Ni-Resist 2 2
UNIT 608-A 2 x 2 Carbon/Ni-Resist 2 2