Sustainability is playing an ever-important role in Gorman-Rupp's strategy. We are developing more and more products and services that not only reduce our environmental impact, but also help our customers accelerate their sustainability strategy. We call this "Where Blue Meets Green" and there is some definite thought behind it. Blue is the color of Gorman-Rupp. By mentioning this we show that we care for our heritage, and the customer can continue to rely on what they can expect for us in terms of support, quality, and service. Green speaks for itself and by mentioning “meeting” we show that we embrace the developments. We are not there yet, but a good start has been made. Below, we show you a few examples:

Energy-Neutral Building

Our premises on Zandweistraat in Waardenburg are fitted with a solar power system that makes us energy-neutral. In fact, over a year, we generate more than we use and we return the surplus to the grid.

Clean Diesel Technology that Saves up to 89% CO2

Of course, all the diesel-driven pump sets we make are fitted with the cleanest generation of stage V engines. But even this can be improved! All new pump sets are released for the use of HVO diesel, a non-fossil fuel that provides a certified CO2 reduction of up to 89%.

E-Line Electrically-Driven Mobile Pump Sets

More and more mobile pump sets are equipped with an electric motor. Gorman-Rupp was the first to come up with a fully integrated solution in which electrically driven pump sets can be connected to a regular construction power point, to a mobile battery pack, or even to an existing car charging station. Now that's smart!