Industrial Pump Packages

Our complete line of pumps can be packaged for industrial applications to provide you a total pumping solution that meets your industrial fluid-handling needs. We are an industry leader, with the ability to analyze your total system requirements. We have the resources to supply the right equipment for the job.

With an experienced staff of engineers, we are dedicated to the design, development, and construction, and testing of the most efficient and serviceable packages available today. Their extensive knowledge of electronics, mechanics and hydraulics is at your disposal. We can design and build your system including motors, controls, valve and piping - an entire industrial package. A reliable pump system package depends on the precise matching of all components, so you can be assured that Gorman-Rupp pump packages are designed for maximum compatibility, maximum performance and minimum service.

Should a problem ever occur, Gorman-Rupp will be there to support service and supply parts for your system. Our promise is more than a slogan. We ship over 97% of parts orders within 24 hours. You only have to make one call - your local distributors are experts with unequaled experience in the field, and they are there to assist you.

Gorman-Rupp understands the importance of a reliable pump package and we will be here long after the system is installed to ensure it continues to meet your requirements. Depending on the package, Gorman-Rupp offers an industry-leading 60 month warranty when the entire system is engineered, built and tested at our state-of-the art manufacturing facility.


ReliaSource® 6x6 Above-Ground Lift Stations

Our most compact station combines heavy-duty pumping with convenience

ReliaSource® Modular Above-Ground Lift Stations

Fully customizable stations in a variety of sizes and enclosure styles

ReliaSource® 7x10 Above-Ground Lift Stations

Quonset-style construction and easy access ensure reliability and convenience

Reliasource® 6x6T Above-Ground Lift Stations

Extra space accommodates extra options for demanding applications

ReliaSource® 8x9 Above-Ground Lift Station

Packaged system, fully customizable, heavy solids-handling lift stations with enclosure

ReliaSource® 8x12 Above-Ground Lift Stations

The robust 8x12 station accommodates a wide range of pump configurations

ReliaSource® Submersible Valve Packages (ASVP)

Above-ground controls and valves improve worker safety while cutting costs

ReliaSource® Auto-Start Lift Stations

Get power outage protection in a space-saving pump/electric motor/engine combination

ReliaSource® Base-Mounted Lift Stations

Choose from a variety of options and designs to meet your system requirements

Ech2oStorm® Venturi Aerator

Venturi aeration devices designed to add dissolved oxygen to liquids